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Shiel Developments chooses high quality with Gyproc Habito plasterboard | British Gypsum

April 23, 2020 published 23/4/20
Discover why ICF developer incorporates Gyproc Habito plasterboard on new development site. Get in touch at

Building without compromise is how Iain Purves, Managing Director at Shiel Developments, would describe his business. Currently redeveloping the old Colmans Mustard factory Taylors Yard in Newport Pagnell, Iain and his team are no strangers to seeking out interesting and architecturally interesting sites in which to build beautiful homes. Using Gyproc Habito plasterboard and Thistle Magnetic Plaster through each of the properties has enabled Iain to overcome one of the fundamental challenges in the use of ICF buildings - how do I fix things to it?

If you want to join other innovative housebuilders in building better homes, get in touch at

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