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British Gypsum - Evidence Space

Evidence Space - Work | British Gypsum

994 views March 26, 2020

Substantiated research using evidence based design principles can help all designers make better...

British Gypsum

Why choose Gyproc Habito | British Gypsum

635 views March 26, 2020

See how you can use Gyproc Habito plasterboard to improve your living space.

British Gypsum - Careers

Whats it like to work at British Gypsum? |...

459 views March 26, 2020

We are proud to offer a supportive, positive and welcoming workplace at all of our sties. We...


What is Acoustic Comfort / Multi Comfort

811 views March 26, 2020

What is Acoustic Comfort?


We Are Artex | Artex

870 views March 26, 2020


British Gypsum - Building Better Homes

VRC Homes improves the standard of new-built...

418 views March 26, 2020

Discover why VRC Homes specified British Gypsums innovative construction solutions in its...

British Gypsum

Views on Thistle SprayFinish plaster | British...

2,031 views March 26, 2020

Find out what some attendees at the Thistle SprayFinish plaster demonstration thought about the...

British Gypsum

Understanding the codes on Gypframe components...

483 views March 26, 2020

You will see that most Gypframe products are given a reference (or Code) number consisting...